DragonFlight 95


The DragonFlite 95 is a Restricted One Design boat that is meant to compete within a strict set of rules to ensure a true test of a skipper.s ability to tune their boat and race it well. Additionally, this 950mm boat is of high quality for a modest price. The DF95 is sold ready to race which includes transmitter and receiver, just add AA batteries. The DF95 comes with a carbon fiber keel, Mylar sails, and a one piece carbon mast, all cutting edge components. It can be on the water in a few hours and assembled by a person with no experience building boats. Hull skins, and printed sails are available too.

Its sailings characteristics are such that it is easily sailed by a beginner but offers exceptional performance for the seasoned skipper. Going upwind it sails as if on rails and downwind, because of its light weight and nice water line, is quick and agile.


  • Length : 950 mm
  • Beam: 125 mm
  • Mast Height: 1000 mm
  • Overall Height: 1425 mm
  • RTR Total Weight: 2000g (w/o 4 AA Batteries)
  • Hull Material: Plastic
  • Manufacturer: Joysway

 The DragonFlight 95 Class Rules require the boat to be raced “as supplied by” the manufacturer with no modifications except those articulated in the rules as “permitted changes.” A+, A, B and C Rigs are permissible (dimensions are provided), as are after market sails. Some substitution of electronic equipment and rigging materials is  allowed as well. A number of the permitted changes improve the integrity (reliability) of the sailboat, and were added as the design team improved the manufactured product.


The AMYA Model Yachting magazine featured the DF65/DF95 Class in its Summer 2018 (191)issue available from the AMYA Ship’s Store.


Here (link to dragonflite95.us & dfracing.world/) you can find:

Building / Sail Making / Resources

The files that follow are PDF’s of DF95 A, A+, B, C sails that can be printed full size. The drawings are made from data in the Class Rules and Mainsail Luff Curve reflects measurements from production sails.
DF95 sails Templates (includes sail marking placement)

See our LINKS Page for additional building / sailing resources.

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