Loaner Fleet

These boats are a benefit available to members of RCMSC, boats will also be available for potential members on fun sail days. The idea is to get your hands on a boat while your build in underway, you order is waiting to arrive, or you your boat is in the shop. We will also use the boats to recruit new sailors to the club. They are all competitive boats. If interested in using please contact using the contact link or send the info to .

RCMSC will accept your inactive boat (in whatever condition), get them sailable and put them in someone’s hands. Please consider donating you unused boats and equipment – Thank You.

Thanks to for Roger May & Gary Pietka for donating the DF65



Thanks to Larry Short for donating the DF65

T37 – 741

Thanks to Murray Rabinovitch for donating this T37

DF95 – Maui Jim

Thanks to for donating the DF95

For more info

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