Sailing Schedule

NOTE: This is the 2023 sailing schedule, all locations are TBD at this time, we will finalize Please check our News Posts for information on revisions to scheduled events.

2023 RCMSC sailing schedule (Note * may be impacted by Virus rules), Look SAILING DAY for an announcement for location, start times and fleet formats based on pond conditions.

  • Practice Sail – NEW Knute Forsman is hosting a Friday practice sail at Westmoreland in September. Time slot is 1pm till 3:30 pm rain or shine except thunderstorms.
  • Frostbite is the winter race series, where we have class specific races that don’t count for a club championship. We race rain or shine, however cool it gets.
  • Series Race is the summer\fall race series, where we have class specific races that count for a club championship. Here we need sunglasses and shorts, right?
  • Fun Sail is every class non-competitive racing. Get hands on – We have loaner boats available, please come down and see what all the fun is about.
  • Workshops are building and tuning sessions to share tips and techniques and have a good time.
  • Other events – the club participates in other events to showcase model yachting.
  • NACR=North American Championship Race, NCR=National(US) Championship Race, RCR=Regional Championship Race, RQR=Regional Qualifying Race.

THIS IS PRELIMINARY 2023 Sailing Event Schedule!!!

Feb 5 (Sun)NoonFrostbite #1Tualatin Commons Pond
Feb 11 (Sat)10:00PNMYC (Seattle)
Annual Meeting
Seattle Yacht Club
Feb 18 (Sat)NoonFun Sail Tualatin Commons Pond
Mar 5 (Sun)NoonFrostbite #2Tualatin Commons Pond
Mar 18 (Sat)NoonFun Sail Tualatin Commons Pond
Apr 2 (Sun)NoonFrostbite #3Tualatin Commons Pond
Apr 15(Sat)NoonFun Sail (Tax)Tualatin Commons Pond
May 7 (Sun)NoonSeries Race 1TBD
May 20 (Sat)NoonFun Sail TBD
Jun 2-4DF95 R6 RCRSeattle
Jun 11 (Sun)NoonSeries Race 2TBD
Jun 24 (Sat)NoonFun Sail TBD
Jul 9 (Sun)NoonSeries Race 3TBD
Jul 22 (Sat)NoonFun Sail TBD
Aug 13 (Sun)NoonSeries Race 4TBD
Aug 26 (Sat)NoonFun Sail TBD
Sep 10 (Sun)NoonSeries Race 5TBD
Sep 23 (Sat)NoonFun Sail TBD
Oct 8 (Sun)NoonSeries Race 6TBD
Oct 21 (Sat)NoonFun Sail TBD
Nov 5 (Sun)NoonSeries Race 7TBD
Nove 18 (Sat)NoonFun Sail TBD
The RCMS invites you to spend an afternoon on the water enjoying the fun of Radio Control Sailing! Race days (Frostbite) focus on T37, DF95 & DF65 classes. or Fun sails where all sailboats welcome). Loaners boats are available, we will get you sailing.

Sailing Schedule

Other Regional RC Clubs schedules:

Astoria Yacht Club (RC Lasers)

PNMYC (Seattle T37/DF65) (Links to Quimper, Puyallup and other fleets)

Olympia Model Sailors

Kirkland Sailing Club

We’re happy to provide more information about the RCMSC and our activities. Contact us and one of our Club Officers will reply. Comments about the RCMSC web page are invited as well.

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