Dragon Force 65


A one design r/c model racing yacht, the 25.8″ Dragon Force 65 is a modified RG65 Class boat derived from Mark Dick’s narrow hull RG65 ICE design. The Dragon Force features an ABS molded hull, profiled aluminum fin, molded plastic rudder, shroudless rig, carbon mast and booms, ball raced kicker/gooseneck fitting, and watertight construction. Joysway (the manufacturer) provides the Dragon Force as a near complete model requiring only assembly of the standing rigging and deck sail control lines (an A Rig is supplied), installation of keel and rudder, and addition of batteries. Electronics are installed, and a boat stand and radio/transmitter are included.

The Dragon Force 65 is the work of designers Mike Weston, John Tushingham and Mark Dicks who began collaborating with Joysway in 2011 to develop a high performing but inexpensive r/c model racing yacht. Time constraints on the project required the design team to adopt an existing class/design that had already demonstrated serious performance, and to modify the design to make it affordable. The RG65 (a developmental class) “ICE” design was considered the best candidate. To insure close performance sailing and modest cost, restricted design rules would also be required. The result was the one design Dragon Force 65 introduced in 2013. Interestingly, since the boat was designed within the RG65 International Class Rules, the Dragon Force may be raced as EITHER a Dragon Force Restricted Class boat or as an RG65 Developmental Class boat (RSMSC races as DF65s). The Dragon Force 65 is already sailed worldwide with large followings around the world.

 The Dragon Force 65 Class Rules require the boat to be raced “as supplied by” the manufacturer with no modifications except those articulated in the rules as “permitted changes.” A+, A, B and C Rigs are permissible (dimensions are provided), as are after market sails. Some substitution of electronic equipment and rigging materials is  allowed as well. A number of the permitted changes improve the integrity (reliability) of the sailboat, and were added as the design team improved the manufactured product (Dragon Force 65 Version 6 is now on the market). Work on improving the Dragon Force is ongoing, and additional allowable modifications are published as “Hints & Tips”. Text of these is available at the UK Dragon Force 65 web site. An excellent illustrated version of the “Hints & Tips” is provided by Abersoch Boatyards in the UK.


The Dragon Force 65 is registered as an RG65 r/c model yacht. The Registrar is Eric Rosenbaum, Class Secretary for the U.S. RG65 Class Owners Association. The Registration Form is available at the U.S. RG65 Class Page, or contact Eric through the AMYA RG65 Class site.

The AMYA Model Yachting magazine featured the DF65/DF95 Class in its Summer 2018 (191)issue available from the AMYA Ship’s Store.


Here (link to dragonforce65.us) you can find:

Building / Sail Making / Resources

The files that follow are PDF’s of DF65 A, A+, B, C sails that can be printed full size. The drawings are made from data in the Class Rules and Mainsail Luff Curve reflects measurements from production sails.
DF65A+ Templ

DF65A Templ 

DF65 B Templ

DF65 C Templ

Larry Sanders’ DF 65 A+ Rig Setup (pdf)

Soch Sails DF65 Rig Tuning Guide(pdf)

Chuck’s Quick & Dirty Guide for DF65 A+ Rig Kit Assembly (pdf)

Quicksilver Sails Tuning Guide (pdf)

Phil Burgess Dragonforce 65 Tuning Guide (pdf)

Abersoch boatyard service (uk) Dragonforce 65 Hints & Tips

See our LINKS Page for additional building / sailing resources.

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