T-37 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP REGATTAOctober 2, 2021 — Seattle Yacht Club

This is the biggest T-37 regatta of the year! Be sure it is on your sailing calendar.

The T-37 National Championship is an international event.   The October 2ndNational Championship Regatta is open to T-37 sailors worldwide.  Canadian T-37 sailors are welcome.  Please join us.

We hope to see you at SYC on October 2nd.  All are welcome, sailors and spectators.  We need volunteers for the race committee, so if you choose not to sail, consider helping on the committee.  No experience necessary.

Questions?  Phone or email me.  

Allan Van Ness, Past Commodore, Organizing Committee Chairman



Venue Change July 25

Greetings RCMSC sailors! Series race #3 will be held on SUNDAY, July 25 at Westmoreland Pond
due to weeds at Tualatin.
Skippers meet at noon racing starts soon after.
Forecast: sunny, 80F, wind NNW 8-10 mph.
Fun sailing off-course is always welcome.

Racing Rules YouTube videos

I found these videos from the Clinton Lake Sailing Association helpful and am reposting here for our education: Windward and Leeward mark rounding.

Ron Knight Celebration of Life Sail

Sailers, friends and family from around the PNW, Canada, Washington, Oregon and Idaho boats took to the water to honor Ron. A service was held at the Seattle Yacht Club, complete with T37s. Dan Newland beautifully finish boat is pictured. Will Lesh often lead the way. Winds where light and the racing was tight. It was a fine send off. – Peter

Race #1 (5/23/2021)

I was concerned about the weather report for yesterday but boy did we luck out. Just a little bit of drizzle for a while with very adequate winds. The winds allowed almost all two lap races.  And holy cow what a turnout 15 dragon 65’s!

8 T37’s and two DF95’s. In the T37 class I did not see any one person dominate  but Peter Curt and Tom made a good showing. David M did very well for only being his second event with us, I expect to watching out for him very soon. I regret I can’t pay attention to the 95’s as I am still racing while they are finishing up. I’ll get the hang of it as time proceeds.  Next event Sat June 5th at west Moreland for a fun sail, fun sails are a great way to keep your skills sharp while not buggering up a series race.  see you there  –  Gary

5/8/2021 Funsail – Westmoreland

We had a great turnout for yesterday’s fun sail and it didn’t even rain. Weather was better than expected and we even had decent breezes off and on. Great way to kick off the summer season. Holy cow I counted 21 boats on the water and there were always 4 or five in reserve on the shore. The fun sails are a great time to shake out the winter bugs and make those final adjustments so they don’t hang you up during a race. We even had a maiden sail of a new scratch built Starlet, very nicely done buy the way. Larry Short , Knute Forsman, and David Michaels made their official appearances at an event. Welcome all. Next event Sunday may 23rd at Tualatin for our first summer series race day. Put the date on your calendars it is gooing to be a great season. – Gary

Frostbite #3 4-25-21

Wow I did not think that it could get much better than the last couple events. But it did. We had 11 Dragons on the water 7 T37s plus one T37 being tried out, and 3 DF95s.  Man that is a pond full of boats. Racing was good with no one person dominating, wind was shifty as always but more of it as we were able to do all two lap races. We got to do more sailing than usual. And it didn’t rain. We also have picked up two new members if they follow through and I believe they will Knute who bought a df65 and Larry who wants to buy one. I am trying to get one of Teds older dragons in sailing condition we’ll see how that goes.  The summer schedule is being crafted and should be ready in a week looking forward to a summer full good sailing.  – Gary

Rule of the Month: Windward-Leeward

Greetings sailors! During our April 10 practice racing we’ll concentrate on the basic windward-leeward rule: When boats are on the same tack and overlapped, a windward boat shall keep clear of a leeward boat.

Here’s a diagram that explains the terms:

When a boat is sailing by the lee, the leeward side is the side the mainsail is on. (B is sailing by the lee by heading more than 180 degrees from the wind.)

To define overlap, the RRS start with clear astern and clear ahead:

Two boats are overlapped when neither is clear astern:

Also, they are overlapped when a boat between them overlaps both. In this case both A and B must keep clear of C.

Here’s a test. Are these boats overlapped? If so, which boat has to keep clear?

They are on the same tack and overlapped, because neither is clear astern. A is on B’s windward side, so A has to keep clear.

But wait, there’s still more to learn about establishing or breaking an overlap, and limitations on the leeward boat’s actions. Stay tuned!

Please respond to me with comments, questions, or suggestions. -Stan McKay

Frostbite #2 (3-21-21)

More wows we had approx. 18 boats in attendance 9 DF65’s, 7 T37’s and 2 DF95’s. Also despite early weather reports the rain held off till after we were done, with decent wind. Lynn Moore had to retire early w/sail winch problems. We had several new members and several future members. Jim Hansen brought his beautiful brand new T37 for it’s first outing and did a couple races with us and indicated his intention to join, he also brought a grandson and his father who Peter set up with his laser for some off course fun. Need to get the little ones started early. Other new people Sherrell Steinhauer with his Df65, Nelson and Chris with their DF95’s sailed just ahead of the T37’s on a 30seconds and away format which worked most of the time so next time we’ll do a full one minute gap. Also The Super bee T37 has a new owner Paul Wallace who did pretty well with a boat new to him. No one Skipper dominated any class  so the wins were pretty well distributed across the field. Tom Box also made an appearance nice to have him back always a strong competitor and sailed both DF65 and T37, makes a busy day. Peter also brought the club T37 which helped Art out because his transmitter didn’t make it to the pond with his boat.

POOPOO occurs.   Hope to see everyone at the next event on April 10th for a fun sail lets get all the bugs out so we have smooth sailing later.  Race results posted.  Gary