RCMSC fun sail cancelations

Our officers have decided to cancel
remaining Frostbite events:
Mar 29 fun sail and Apr 5 fun sail
This is a good time to check your boat
for wear and tear to be ready for
the summer season. In the meantime,

Frostbite sailing schedule HAS CHANGED

Greetings RCMSC members,

The Frostbite sailing schedule HAS CHANGED:
Frostbite Series #4 moved up to March 15 (this Sunday)!!
Frostbite fun sail added on March 29
Frostbite makeup or fun remains on April 5
All are sailed at Tualatin.
Series #4 skippers meet at 1:00, fun sails begin any time.
Perfect frostbite weather for Sunday: sunny, chilly, windy!
OFFICIAL NOTICE: Our annual meeting will be held on April 19,
the time and location will be announced later.

Let’s go sailing!

Frostbite #3 report

Greetings RCMSC members,

Here are results of a beautiful day on the water. The turnout was very good for frostbite sailing. The wind was light, stop and go at times. We tried starting the DF and T-37 fleets separately a few minutes apart with mixed results. Recording scores was still an issue at times. Gary managed to dodge the holes and keep his boat pointed the right way for consistent finishes at the top of the fleet.

Frostbite #4 is scheduled on March 22 with a final fun sail on April 5.


Frostbite #2 report

We had 13 sailors show for the second frostbite today and we had good wind and very decent weather with no rain.So to start with I am apologizing in advance for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the results as some of the recording was subject to speculation. In the future anytime we exceed 3 boats in each class we will revert to the established practice of separate class heats. That said I believe that what I have figured is correct subject to Stans more experienced handling of the scores.T37’s Gary First  Peter 2nd  Curt 3rd and Allan 4th. Sadly Art is still struggling with his rig and ended with a broken mast and Mike didn’t get past the warm up as his transmitter is messing up. Hopefully the transmitter he bought from Rick will fix his issues.
In the Dragon’s with way more boats in the water, Rick bested Tom boyd with a tie breaking win in the last race. So Rick 1st, Tom 2ndDave 3rd,  Dick 4th, Brad Knight 5th, Rod Cooper finishing the field with sixth.  Curts friend Terry didn’t sail nor did Rodger. Hopefully Brad can figure out how his boat got so much water in it and get that under control.  Thanks all for coming.  Gary

Time to renew your membership

Greetings RCMSC members,
The time has come to renew your membership.
Family $25.00
Adult $20.00
Junior $7.50

Mail your check to:
Stanley McKay
12307 NE 13th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98685

Please let me know if you have changed your address, email, phone number, or boats and sail numbers.
Also, note your AMYA number, if you are a member.

Fair winds,
Stan McKay
RCMSC Secretary/Treasurer

Frostbite #1 Report

So we had a pretty good day, started a little soggy but then cleared out and we had four two lap races in the best wind we’ve had in a while. There were plenty of issues for the first day, radio interference, dead batteries, broken sheet and that was just my boats. Lucky I had two boats or it would have been a total bust for me. Dick also had power issues but stayed around and called the line and place recording for us, Thanks Dick. So in the t37’s  Peter got 1st Gary pulled a 2nd Allen got third and Art nailed 4th.Peter and I were tied but he bested me in the last race to pull ahead. Dragon’s lined up as followed. Dave with 1st, Stan 2nd, Rick 3rd, Rod 4th and Bill K rounded up the fleet in fifth.We nearly had an even split between 37’s and Dragons but some 37s fell out due to mech issues. Next frostbite is Jan 26th please mark your calendars. Mike call me about your radio issues and we’ll try to sort you out by the next event. also Ed  does 2514 have a digital radio or is it still am/fm. There is some radio interference at the pond that didn’t used to exist and that was my radio issue.  Thanks all for coming Gary 503 936 3320  P.S. start thinking about any issues you want to address at the meeting in april remember it’s your club.

T37 new sheeting system workshop

Greetings and happy new year. This a little late but I am proposing a sheeting clinic for next tues or wed Jan 7th or 8th for the bungee corded sheeting that has become very popular up in the Seattle area. I would suggest 10am at my shop in Aloha. This is probably the last chance before the first Frostbite however not the only opportunity. I can easily accommodate 4 people in the shop. I will also have prepped supplies for everyone. It is really pretty easy and can be accomplished in a couple hours. If you are interested send me a note or call 503 936 3320.  Gary  Happy New year. 

Frostbite Series schedule

Greetings RCMSC members,

Here is the Frostbite Series schedule: Jan 12, Jan 26, Feb 9, and Mar 22. Apr 5 will be a series makeup or fun sail. All races are on Sundays at Tualatin. T-37 and DF 65 classes will race separately.Skippers meet at 1:00 pm with racing soon after.

Bundle up and have fun!