Presto2The Footy is the latest and smallest (just 12 inches) model sailboat class to be sanctioned by the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA). It’s a developmental class with a modest set of design rules: what isn’t prohibited by these rules is “legal.” And unique to the Footy is the requirement that the hull and keel must fit into an “open-topped rectangular” box measuring 12″ long x 12″ deep x 6″ wide!

The Footy can be built from scratch (both plans and kits are available) or acquired as a sail-ready model. Two servos are called for: one to control the sail, the other for the rudder, though placement is a builder decision. Hulls can be hand-cut balsa wood or molded fiberglass or carbon fiber; and sail designs include swing rigs, gaff rigs, genoa jibs, the unique unarig and more. To date there are over two dozen distinct Footy designs that have qualified for r/c model yacht racing (see our Footy Gallery).

The rules governing the Footy design are the work of an international contingent of model yacht artisans. The official text of the most current rules may be found at their site, FOOTY Class R/C Sailboat, on the RULES page. This is the International FOOTY Class web site and is an excellent source for plans, news and  regatta schedules from both sides of the pond.



Two sets of plans for building the Footy measuring box are available at the International Footy Class web site at the RULES page. Pictured is a Papaya III Footy with a Footy box.



Plans for eight classic Footys are available at  FOOTY Class R/C Sailboat: PLANS.


The US Footy Registrar is found at the AMYA  Footy Class Page.


To date, RCMSC members have built 20 Footys (with eight Footy designs represented)–a boatload of crafting experience. That good experience is available on build nights, Sunday sails, via email, at the pub, even online:  Footy build logs have been posted at RCMSC member Stanley Townsend’s blog. Check the Club NEWS POSTS for announcements of build nights; check the Sailing Schedule for dates of Sunday sails.

Good advice from experienced Footy builders / sailors is also available at  two discussion forums (registration is required to post comments): FOOTY USA on Yahoo and the R/C Sailing Forum: Footy Class.

The AMYA Model Yachting magazine featured the Footy in its Summer 2008 issue (available from the AMYA Ship’s Store). Included are 13 articles addressing design, sources, crafting and sailing the Footy.

And see our LINKS page for online Footy building resources.

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