PMPBA: Keep your eyes and ears open for a missing ship!

This is discouraging news, to say the least.

Today I was notified that Rick’s garage was broken into and the missing item from it is the USS Missouri. I don’t know the details, but the hull and the many pieces to make it complete, aside from lead for ballast, are also missing, although little else seemed to have been tampered with in the garage. It likely would have taken multiple people to manage that ship due to it’s weight, length, and numerous additional pieces for the deck and turrets, so please keep your eyes open for online activity and ears open for talk about it, just in case it would come across any of our paths.

If you are passing through a hobby shop, maybe stop and talk with a staff person to mention the missing/stolen ship so they might keep an eye/ear out for it, as well. If you don’t want to leave your personal email or phone number at the shop, you can always direct people to contact us through our website: There is an email contact on there that sends messages to Neal’s email address.



2023 RCMSC annual meeting minutes

Rose City Model Sailing Club Annual Meeting Minutes, January 21, 2023
Location: Winona Grange Hall, Tualatin, OR

Attending: Brad Knight, Dick Asmus, Gary Pietka, Jim Hansen, Larry Sanders, Mike Simmons, Mike Skeen, Peter Van Der Meulen, Roger May, Sherrell Steinhauer, Stan McKay, Steve Vess, Terry Goodell

Commodore Gary Pietka called the meeting to order at 10 am.

Commodore’s Report:
Gary Pietka reported that our club is doing well in spite of problems with our sailing venues. The powerboaters have been very vocal about the lack of maintenance at Tualatin. Gary has been working with them while trying not to jeopardize our use of the pond. The city plans to drain and clean the pond this summer. We continue to hear about rules compliance. We’re considering various ways to help our members understand the rules. After hearing some suggestions, Gary favored a separate meeting for a rules discussion.

Vice Commodore’s Report:
Dick Asmus thanked everyone for their help setting and retrieving our marks. He reminded us that practice races at fun sails don’t require penalty turns. He would like more fun sailing opportunities. Think about changing our rules for touching marks. Dick normally sets starting line length at 1½ boat lengths times the number of boats. Consider the around-the-ends rule for those over early. Some questions came up about being forced to touch a mark to avoid a collision with another boat. After a discussion about rule penalties (turns vs dropping back), Stan moved to allow touching marks, except when starting and finishing. Roger seconded, but after some discussion Gary tabled the issue until a rules meeting can be scheduled.

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report:
Stan McKay reported membership levels of 22 in 2019, 19 in 2020, 42 in 2021, and 37 in 2022. Race participation has fallen off slightly to 22 last year.

Our treasury started the year with a balance of$2089.54
– Engraved plates (2021)178.28
– Harland checks17.30
– Grange Hall rent and insurance213.92
– Club T-37 purchase200.00
– WordPress renewal52.03
– Engraved plates (2022)157.84
Total Expenditures-819.37
Year-end Balance1930.17

Buoys, batteries, trophy plaques, and CNC laser cutting were donated by members. Thank you!

Stan will update our member application form regarding dues and coordinate with bylaws. Our 2023 event schedule was approved. Peter has posted it on our website.

DF65 Fleet Captain’s Report:
Larry Sanders recommends using fun sail events for tuning help and coaching new owners.

DF95 Fleet Captain’s Report:
Chris Tomson didn’t attend the meeting.

T-37 Fleet Captain’s Report:
Gary Pietka plans to attend the Port of Toledo Wooden Boat Show in August. It’s a family oriented annual fun event that draws a good crowd. He would present his boat and club information.

Webmaster’s Report:
Peter Loop was unable to attend, so Stan and Gary read his report emailed earlier.
Web site statistics for 2022:

Views 20,413, Visitors 5375, Views per hour 3.8 (up slightly from 2021 and almost double 2020)
– People find us by search engines, Pinterest, and Facebook
– Top countries visiting us: US 11,934, UK 1655, France 1310, Australia 866, Germany 570
– Top pages: About RCMSC, DF65, Classified, Sailing Schedule, Race Results
Classifieds page is working well, please use it if you have a boat to sell. Send suggestions for our site to Peter. See links to other clubs. The AMYA site has been updated ( You can go there to list all your boats without joining.

Election of officers:
Positions of Commodore, Vice Commodore, and Secretary/Treasurer are open. No nominations were made. No volunteers spoke up. Gary, Dick, and Stan agreed to continue to serve. Dick cautioned that he might be out of the country for an extended period. Sherrell agreed to take over responsibilities for marks and rescue boat. Larry Sanders and Gary Pietka agreed to continue as Fleet Captains of DF65 and T-37 classes. Since Chris Thomson wasn’t active in RCMSC events last year, Gary appointed Dave Anderson to the position of DF95 Fleet Captain.
Facebook account: After Bruce Dixon resigned mid-year, our account remained idle. Larry commented that without frequent postings, traffic tends to drop off. Our website is a much better route for people interested in our club. The consensus among members present was to close the account. Gary had contacted former member, Damien Webb, to find out how to close the account. Damien was unable to do that for reasons we don’t understand. Gary or Stan will contact Patrick to see if he can help.

Boats available: Steve Vess, a past member and past Commodore, rejoined our club. He has two Micro Magics available for purchase.

Trophy Presentations:
2022 T-37: 1st place Gary Pietka, 2nd place Tom Box, 3rd place Peter Loop
2022 DF65: 1st place Dave Anderson, 2nd place Larry Sanders, 3rd place Stan McKay
2022 DF95: 1st place Dave Anderson, 2nd place Sherrell Steinhauer, 3rd place Curt Knight

With snow falling outside, Commodore Gary adjourned the meeting and canceled the fun sail.

Respectfully Submitted,
Stan McKay
RCMSC Secretary/Treasurer

Pacific Northwest Model Yacht Club Annual Meeting (Seattle T37 club)

Annual Club Meeting (official notice) – Saturday February 11th at Seattle Yacht Club. Attendees are encouraged to bring guests interested in RC sailing. Spouses and significant others are also welcome and encouraged to attend, especially lunch and the afternoon program. (Membership in PNMYC is NOT required for attendance – all RC sailors are welcome)

Meeting highlights:

Business – 10-11:30;

Lunch – noon to 1:00

Guest Speaker 1-2:00; Rod Carr, sailmaker for model yachts, RC sailing historianTopic- “Model sailing from infancy to today”.

Breakout discussions 2-3:00; 3:00 – No host bar.Topics – RC model sailing rules, T37 construction helps and on-course sailing strategies.

Registration: Please return the attached meeting registration form soon but no later than February 1st so we can inform SYC on the number of attendees. Meeting fee includes box lunch with sandwich, fruit salad, chips and dessert.

Upcoming events are always posted at

Remembering Ted Van Syckel

Yesterday I received the sad news that Ted Van Syckel passed away, peacefully and painlessly, last weekend. Many of you knew Ted. You may or may not know that the Rose City Model Sailing Club would not exist without Ted. I first met Ted in 2009 at the Tualatin Crawdad Festival. Ted was at the pond with the Oregon Model Yacht Club promoting RC sailing. Ted had a Footy – a class of boat not formally supported by OMYC – and I took an interest in this little boat as a first step to get into RC sailing. Ted and I started a lifelong friendship that day. He supported and guided me in the building of my own Footy. In the following months I would join Ted at OMYC events And we would sail our Footys off to the side. When OMYC didn’t embrace the new class, Ted had the idea of forming a new club. Ted and I and fellow Footy skipper Greg Lamb applied to AMYC to form RCMSC. The club drew the interest of other Footy skippers and began to grow. Ted built a Micro Magic and brought it to one of our sails – this class quickly caught on with several members and new members building and sailing MM’s, and the class was supported by RCMSC. Next Ted build a Dragon Force 65 – that class ballooned in popularity and was supported by the club as well. When we were approached by T37 skipper Gary Pietka about the possibility of adding that class, Ted supported this wholeheartedly. Needless to say, today’s RCMSC owes its very existence to Ted. 

Our friendship continued after our participation in RCMSC waned – even after my move to Canada – and we remained in touch as best friends until the end of his life. Next time you put a boat in the water, please think fondly of Ted Van Syckel.

Stanley Townsend – Past RCMSC Commodore

T37 NCR results

T37 North American Championship results. Held at Seattle Yacht Club. Congratulations to Peter Conze and all who sailed. It was a battle to a tiebreaker: 1st and 4th were separated by just two points!

RCMSC race day reminder 10/9 – Westmoreland

Greetings sailors,
Summer weather hangs on for Series Race #6 SUNDAY, Oct. 9 at Westmoreland. (Water depth is 18.5 at the south end.) Skippers meet at noon, racing starts soon after. Forecast: sunny, high 70’s, wind NW 6-9 mph. Off-course fun sailing is welcome.