Internet Course Practice: Sunday June 5

Are you ready for some sunshine? How about twiddling your transmitter joysticks with fingers that aren’t stiff from the cold? I know I am! Please join us Sunday, June 5, at noon at Westmoreland Casting Pond for Internet Course Practice. The Internet Course consists of a fixed marker that is tethered to a free-floating marker by a 50’ line. The free-floating marker has wind vanes and thus tends to float directly down wind from the fixed marker. It is intended to be used by a single Footy at a time with a stopwatch. Times are shared on the Internet at
While the course is designed for Footys, it’s a big pond and, as always, we would love to have skippers with other boats join us. No boat? No problem. Also as always we’ll have a few Footys to loan to interested folks. Please join us!

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