Start Time

We have an Open Fun Sail at Tualatin Commons scheduled for Sunday, July 17 at noon. Two weeks ago we were plagued by very light winds and pulled off of the pond around 2 PM. Sure enough, the winds picked up a bit after 2 and were acceptable, if light, most of the rest of the afternoon. I posted a poll on this site asking if we should remain with a 12 PM start time or move it later: 1 PM, 1:30 PM, or 2 PM. The results as of this morning: 3 votes for 2 PM, 1 vote for 12 PM. There are some comments in support of 2 PM. I am currently leaning toward revising our start time for July 17 to 2 PM as a trial and, if it seems beneficial, possibly revise the start time for the remainder of our season’s sails. I still welcome input on this subject, either through voting on the poll or contacting me through I’ll let you know our decision re: July 17 start time by e-mail (to those on my list), through a news post here and a posting on our Facebook page.

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