Mylar Sail Number Workshop?

When we formed RCMSC, one of our stated goals was to hold boat building workshops. How about starting out with a hands-on session for making and applying sail numbers using Mylar tape using Carl Hansen’s method:

I have used this method for sail numbers on all 4 of my boats and I’m very pleased with the results. I have a roll of black Mylar tape that I’ll be glad to share. The Mylar tape is silvery on the back, so is visible from the opposite side of the sail but is (to me) much more pleasing than the reverse appearance of an inked or painted number. All you would need to bring would be a paper printout of your desired numbers in the font and size of your choice. For example, my Micro Magic sail numbers are Arial Regular font, 214 point. The “USA” on my MM is Arial Regular, 156 point. For the sail number on my Razor 3 I used Century Gothic Bold, 152 point. I’d be glad to help brainstorm fonts and sizes with you and could even print out if you don’t have the means. If you don’t have an assigned sail number, why not? It’s free – just contact your class secretary and request them. I’d suggest you take the next step and register that number with AMYA which costs a whole $7, but at least get a number.

The purpose of this news post is to feel out interest in such a workshop. Please RSVP if you would be interested in participating and provide any guidance as to days and times that would work best for you. Where we hold the workshop will depend in part on the number of folks interested.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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