Sunday Sailing (6/10)

The weather is supposed to be delightful for our sail tomorrow (6/10), 1:30 PM at Tualatin Commons. What’s on the agenda is Footy Internet Course Practice. For those unfamiliar, the Internet Course consists of a free-floating marker, designed to be affected by the wind, tethered by a 50′ line to an anchored marker. The intent (and how it works with sufficient wind) is to have a course where one leg is straight downwind and the other is straight upwind. A single Footy at a time runs this course and is timed. The Internet part comes from the fact that these times can be posted. As to whether we set an Internet Course at all (as opposed to our normal marker setup) and play strictly by the rules is up to the desires of those that attend. Whether or not, we plan to have some good sailing and good times. Please join us.

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