Revised Sailing Schedule

Westmoreland Casting Pond seems to be consistently wet these days, so we have decided to revise the remainder of our 2013 sailing schedule to resume alternation between there and Tualatin Commons. NOTE that this Sunday’s outing (7/21) is still going to be at Tualatin. The revised schedule is posted on and will be reflected in my future mailings. Here’s a message from Ted:

“Ladys and Gentlemen,

Just thought I would bring you all up to date on a few thing Susan and I have been working.  99% of all the work has been done by Susan 1% by me.  Our web site is nearly completed – just a few small odd and ends remain.  Our sailing schedule has been amended and will be discussed at this Sundays sail along with several items pertaining to our racing philosophy, racing rules, sail numbers etc..  Sailing schedule is not set in concrete so let’s talk.”

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