Frostbite #1 Report

So we had a pretty good day, started a little soggy but then cleared out and we had four two lap races in the best wind we’ve had in a while. There were plenty of issues for the first day, radio interference, dead batteries, broken sheet and that was just my boats. Lucky I had two boats or it would have been a total bust for me. Dick also had power issues but stayed around and called the line and place recording for us, Thanks Dick. So in the t37’s  Peter got 1st Gary pulled a 2nd Allen got third and Art nailed 4th.Peter and I were tied but he bested me in the last race to pull ahead. Dragon’s lined up as followed. Dave with 1st, Stan 2nd, Rick 3rd, Rod 4th and Bill K rounded up the fleet in fifth.We nearly had an even split between 37’s and Dragons but some 37s fell out due to mech issues. Next frostbite is Jan 26th please mark your calendars. Mike call me about your radio issues and we’ll try to sort you out by the next event. also Ed  does 2514 have a digital radio or is it still am/fm. There is some radio interference at the pond that didn’t used to exist and that was my radio issue.  Thanks all for coming Gary 503 936 3320  P.S. start thinking about any issues you want to address at the meeting in april remember it’s your club.

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