Frostbite #2 report

We had 13 sailors show for the second frostbite today and we had good wind and very decent weather with no rain.So to start with I am apologizing in advance for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the results as some of the recording was subject to speculation. In the future anytime we exceed 3 boats in each class we will revert to the established practice of separate class heats. That said I believe that what I have figured is correct subject to Stans more experienced handling of the scores.T37’s Gary First  Peter 2nd  Curt 3rd and Allan 4th. Sadly Art is still struggling with his rig and ended with a broken mast and Mike didn’t get past the warm up as his transmitter is messing up. Hopefully the transmitter he bought from Rick will fix his issues.
In the Dragon’s with way more boats in the water, Rick bested Tom boyd with a tie breaking win in the last race. So Rick 1st, Tom 2ndDave 3rd,  Dick 4th, Brad Knight 5th, Rod Cooper finishing the field with sixth.  Curts friend Terry didn’t sail nor did Rodger. Hopefully Brad can figure out how his boat got so much water in it and get that under control.  Thanks all for coming.  Gary

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