DF65/95 Sailing Tips

Chris Dingle posted these on Facebook, I thought I would repeat here -“A few bits of advice learned the hard way;”

The provided stand is NOT for outside use.

Unless your boat is in the water always leave your sails out.

Keep a spare mast stub.

Keep a spare steering servo.

Rudder shaft is aluminum and fragile.

Rudder center is the most important adjustment and the hardest to find.

Lube all threads, bearings and electrical fittings monthly.

1/2” or 12mm black tells are a must.

Glue NO mast fittings. Only the metal rings.

Epoxy in the front screw eye and polish the ring inside.

Keep your hatch open to air between sailing and keep a light sponge in the bilge behind the keel.

Tape you antenna up under the deck.

Use hull matching tape on the drain hole.

Good Scotch electrical tape comes in all the hull colors. Matches perfectly, seals perfectly, can be reused and doesn’t leave a mess.

Put a nylon washer under the keel bolt head on top. Then only snug!

The metal holding the bolt on the bulb is paper thin and fragile. Snug only with a nylon washer.

Ceramic rings are available and cheap. Use them on your bridle, topping lift and backstay to reduce wear and ease adjustment. Use the metal ring for the jib head.

If your beach stand is unstable put your boat on the ground.

Always call out the port tack boats’ NUMBER when hollering STARBOARD. Better yet, just keep quiet.

Protest properly with lack of verbiage. Stand near your closest competitor and calmly communicate.


Have a great lawn chair!

These are toys. This is a game.

Enjoy the battles with your friends.

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