Frostbite #3 4-25-21

Wow I did not think that it could get much better than the last couple events. But it did. We had 11 Dragons on the water 7 T37s plus one T37 being tried out, and 3 DF95s.  Man that is a pond full of boats. Racing was good with no one person dominating, wind was shifty as always but more of it as we were able to do all two lap races. We got to do more sailing than usual. And it didn’t rain. We also have picked up two new members if they follow through and I believe they will Knute who bought a df65 and Larry who wants to buy one. I am trying to get one of Teds older dragons in sailing condition we’ll see how that goes.  The summer schedule is being crafted and should be ready in a week looking forward to a summer full good sailing.  – Gary

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