Frostbite #1 (windless)

Man what a bust. When we were setting up the course there was a reasonable amount of wind and things looked good for a damp but productive race day. All the high hopes faded quickly as the 37’s struggled through 2 races and had to scrap the third after probably 15min of trying. Another 15 min and I might have won that third one, dang. The 95’s were up next and it was obvious that we needed to shorten the day so we cut them off at 2 races and it was a struggle for them as well. Sadly the worst was yet to come as the 65’s struggled through their first and we had to scrap their second and I pushed most of the field in with the tug. On the bright side we had a good turnout of 18 racers and it wasn’t freezing like the previous week. We also got to deploy the new starting marks that Art put together for the club and I think that they leave no doubt whether a boat has crossed the line or not. Thanks Art. Last but not least since we had virtually no scorable results yesterday’s efforts will be scrapped and the funsail on the 12th of march is now a makeup race day. I do not want to mess with schedule too much so it is still SATURDAY the 12th but the purpose is now frost bite #1 makeup. Mark it on your calendars, – thanks see you all on the 12th Gary

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