PNMYC] New 2022 Test Rule 18 (Mark Room)

I have studied the new Mark Room Test Rule 18 and observed the Zoom meeting with Dave Perry describing its differences, here:

The simpler wording keeps the racing going the same way as now.

The differences remove weaknesses in interpretations and in transitions between positions.

1. Inside boats rounding with Mark Room may sail their Proper Course, whether they have Right of Way or not. 

2. Mark Room ends when the buoy is abaft the Mark Room boat. Period.

140 words, 30% of the old rule, are gone!

If we are going to teach new sailors the Racing Rules, some of our fleets should consider early adoption of this simpler, more consistent Test Rule.

It is slated for final adoption with the 2025-2029 rule book, if approved – Philip Hubbell

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