Olympia Harbor Days

From:Dan Shier <dshier65@gmail.com>

I just thought I would ping you again just in case any of the rose city crew can make it up.

Olympia Harbor days : Fri 5-8pm. 3 hours, Sat. 10-7pm. 9 hours, Sun 10-6pm. 8 hours. Sept. 2, 3, 4

Hi Everyone,

Last week before Harbor Days. I am hoping this will be a great weekend to promote radio sailing. I have a booth to display some boats, talk to people and hand out information. We have an area to sail and let people try our boats. Bring yourself and your boat if you can.

We have quite a few hours to cover over the 3 days. Please feel free to stop by and hang out in the booth, sail your boat for as long as you can. I plan on being there the whole time. If you can let me know if you can be there that would be great. But even if you decide at the last minute just stop by. The more the merrier. I will have buoys and a timer. I am sure some racing will break out.

Check out the website for a full schedule or activities fun for family and friends. Boat tours, tugboat races, food and more. www.harbordays.com/

Thanks, Dan

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