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Currently the members of the RCMSC are building  and sailing the German designed 21″ racing Micro Magic,  the  37″ classic  wooden T37  model racing yacht, the 25.8″ Dragon Force 65 racing model sailboat, and occasionally the 12″ FOOTY.

micro magic


The MICRO MAGIC: A surprisingly responsive, quick and agile one-design 21″ sloop rigged racing model yacht, the Micro Magic is owner-built from quality kit materials, and sailed around the world by 6,000 enthusiastic skippers (RCMSC members included). Details and  photos are at our MICRO MAGIC Page and Micro Magic Gallery.




The T37: An elegant 37″ classic wooden model yacht, this one design sloop is available in kit form or as a sail-ready model. Reasonably challenging to build and designed to handle well in strong winds (up to 18 mph), she is a formidable racing model. While roughly 2000 T37s have been sold across the globe, the largest contingent of T37 sailors is found in the Pacific Northwest–good news for RCMSC members. Details and photos are at our T37 Page and our T37 Gallery.


1af7e9f639bf52e45ba7b9df45a2c8f5The DRAGON FORCE 65: A high performing but affordable racing r/c model yacht, the 25.8″ narrow hull Dragon Force is one of several restricted design sailboats with RG65 Class origins. Intended for the racing enthusiast, the manufacturer provides a nearly ready to run model that translates into little time between box and launch. Because the Dragon Force is an RG65 offspring, owners may race this model as a Dragon Force Restricted Class boat OR as an RG65 Developmental Class boat. Design and materials details are at our Dragon Force 65 Page. Photos are available at our Dragon Force 65 Gallery.




The FOOTY: A developmental class, the 12″ FOOTY has been interpreted worldwide and now boasts twenty-plus distinct FOOTY models available as plans, kits and sail-ready models, and the field is still open. Eight of these distinct FOOTY designs are represented in the RCMSC. Details and examples are at our FOOTY Page and FOOTY Gallery.



afloat_1 - Version 2


RCMSC Rescue Vessel: Our wee tug retrieves members’ boats that have lost power far from shore. It’s cooler than waders.



And we haven’t lost a sailboat yet!


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