Footy: Good News and…

I received some very good news on the Yahoo Footy Group today. Dick McCoy ( has taken over production of the Chris Staiger designed Pool Shark 3D. This is a fast, easy to sail, easy to build, nice looking boat – by far my favorite of all the Footys I’ve sailed. I have no reservations recommending this boat to anyone into Footy sailing.


The bad news part refers to the apparent lack of enthusiasm on the part of Footy skippers in the Portland OR area. Rose City Model Sailing Club started in large part to support the innovative Footy Class and at first we had quite a bit of participation. A bit over a year ago, one of our members built a Micro Magic. Then more and more caught the Micro Magic bug. We added Micro Magics to our supported classes and they have taken off. As evidence, yesterday we held a Footy Race Day event and exactly one Footy (my Pool Shark 3D) showed up. We sailed Micro Magics and had a great time. It’s weird that I’m feeling almost nostalgic about the Footy Class. We have a few more designated Footy events on our sailing schedule this season. I’d love to see some Footy enthusiasm. If you are interested in Footys, please let us know through participation or communication.

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