Micro Magic Race Day 10/21

On our schedule tomorrow is Micro Magic Race Day, 2 PM at Tualatin Commons. The weather forecast might give us a chance as most of the rain is predicted for the evening. I’ll watch the skies and forecast and update tomorrow.

I’ve redesigned the catcher on my rescue tug. While the original design worked GREAT for moving course markers, I had problems steering with a captured boat. I suspect that part of the problem was the convex shape of the lateral bumper allowing the captured boat to get a bit sideways and thereby act as a large rudder in the front. I’ve rebuilt to have a concave lateral bumper that I hope will keep captured boats more centered. To add arm stiffness I used 1/8″ SS rod in place of the original 1/8″ brass. If Mother Nature allows, I’ll test this on the water tomorrow.

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