PMPBA: Keep your eyes and ears open for a missing ship!

This is discouraging news, to say the least.

Today I was notified that Rick’s garage was broken into and the missing item from it is the USS Missouri. I don’t know the details, but the hull and the many pieces to make it complete, aside from lead for ballast, are also missing, although little else seemed to have been tampered with in the garage. It likely would have taken multiple people to manage that ship due to it’s weight, length, and numerous additional pieces for the deck and turrets, so please keep your eyes open for online activity and ears open for talk about it, just in case it would come across any of our paths.

If you are passing through a hobby shop, maybe stop and talk with a staff person to mention the missing/stolen ship so they might keep an eye/ear out for it, as well. If you don’t want to leave your personal email or phone number at the shop, you can always direct people to contact us through our website: There is an email contact on there that sends messages to Neal’s email address.



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