Sailing time for July 31?

Last Sunday we delayed the start time to 2 PM in hopes of better afternoon winds. Well, what we (make that “I” – there was only one person foolish enough to put a boat on the water) got was more rain than wind. It was no test of the theory. We have Internet Course sailing at Tualatin Commons coming up on July 31. Currently scheduled to start at Noon, but we may switch it to 2 PM (with plenty of notice). I’m still open to discussion of the start time issue – either through comment to this post or by voting on the poll from my previous post.

Open Fun Sail – July 17 – 2 PM – Tualatin Commons

Come join us tomorrow (Sunday, July 17) at Tualatin Commons for an Open Fun Sail! The vote is in on the Start Time Poll and we are going to try out a 2 PM start time in hopes of more dependable winds. We’ll have boats to loan to folks who want to try out RC sailing.

Start Time

We have an Open Fun Sail at Tualatin Commons scheduled for Sunday, July 17 at noon. Two weeks ago we were plagued by very light winds and pulled off of the pond around 2 PM. Sure enough, the winds picked up a bit after 2 and were acceptable, if light, most of the rest of the afternoon. I posted a poll on this site asking if we should remain with a 12 PM start time or move it later: 1 PM, 1:30 PM, or 2 PM. The results as of this morning: 3 votes for 2 PM, 1 vote for 12 PM. There are some comments in support of 2 PM. I am currently leaning toward revising our start time for July 17 to 2 PM as a trial and, if it seems beneficial, possibly revise the start time for the remainder of our season’s sails. I still welcome input on this subject, either through voting on the poll or contacting me through I’ll let you know our decision re: July 17 start time by e-mail (to those on my list), through a news post here and a posting on our Facebook page.

3rd of July Westmoreland sail

Come on out to Westmoreland tomorrow at noon for RCMSC’s 3rd of July Internet Course Practice. We’ll probably set out the Internet Course markers and throw in some starting line markers so we can combine some pure Internet Course sailing with some more traditional head to head sailing. As always, all boats welcome. As always, we’ll have boats to loan for folks who want to get a taste of RC sailing.

Great news: our domain mapping is complete, meaning this website is accessed through Note that the address will continue to work as well, but we own a domain – let’s use it!

Sailing @ Tualatin Commons, Sunday 6/19

Remember, we have Grandpa Footy Fun Sail scheduled for tomorrow (Sunday, 6/19), noon at Tualatin Commons pond. You don’t have to be a grandpa – you don’t even have to have a boat – we’ll loan you one. I’m thinking the weather is going to cooperate. As always, we welcome skippers with all classes of RC sailboats. Please join us!

Great outing for RCMSC!

We had 8 skippers and 11 Footys out at Westmoreland today for some wonderful sailing! We had 7 Footys on the water at once – no doubt in my mind that’s a Portland record. Instead of setting the Internet Course, we set a more traditional course and raced. After 6 heats, we ended with a 3-way tie for first. Some close (and really fun!) racing. Thanks to all who showed. Remember, we have a fun sail scheduled for Tualatin Commons in 2 weeks (June 19) at noon.

Internet Course Practice: Sunday June 5

Are you ready for some sunshine? How about twiddling your transmitter joysticks with fingers that aren’t stiff from the cold? I know I am! Please join us Sunday, June 5, at noon at Westmoreland Casting Pond for Internet Course Practice. The Internet Course consists of a fixed marker that is tethered to a free-floating marker by a 50’ line. The free-floating marker has wind vanes and thus tends to float directly down wind from the fixed marker. It is intended to be used by a single Footy at a time with a stopwatch. Times are shared on the Internet at
While the course is designed for Footys, it’s a big pond and, as always, we would love to have skippers with other boats join us. No boat? No problem. Also as always we’ll have a few Footys to loan to interested folks. Please join us!